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This is the vault for A Fire Within Me and offerings by Samantha Love (Kaufman): Intuitive | Medium | Energy Channeler | Spiritual Life Coach

I hope you will join me for the greatest journey ever, the expansion and expression of You!

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The Subscriber Hub was created for all who want to venture into the world of spiritual wellness and metaphysical exploration. New tools are added as they are manifested. These tools are complimentary for your "personal" use.

Love & Light!


Life Design Group Experience

My new Life Design Group Experience. There will be 3 LIVE sessions available each month/1 week off for Integration, to focus on eliminating erroneous beliefs and integrating skills proven to shift one’s perception of reality into a brighter, more positive space. Beyond the 3 sessions will be lots of exciting opportunities!!!!

The Group Experience begins in early 2024!
Get on the "interest" list Today!

Journey: Zen Tarot - Cultivating Your Inner Essence

Journey | ~1.5 hours | 5 Sessions | starting at $185 | Live

Zen Tarot is my unique way to help my students open up to their intuitive nature, begin building a “love language” with their spirit guides and expand their understanding of their consciousness. The course utilizes the commonly shared imagery of the tarot, along with visualization enhancements and practice, practice, practice (for those desiring it).

"LIVE" Classes Start January 9, 2024 @ 7pm EST

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